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This training center was very helpful and flexible in my schedule since I commuted to and from my regular school in Miami. The trainer breaks down everything to your level and if you need any extra help she is more tha n happy to go out her way. I recommend this training course to everyone.
-Cherita Reid, Dec. 2012

Honestly my first day at Abba was quiet an experience. It was not the traditional teaching that I was used to, therefore I was sceptical. However I gave it a chance, and today I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.Going to Abba gave me all the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed. I did not just scrape through the state exam. I passed and I passed well, to the point where I feel very proud of myself. Point is, choosing Abba can be the best decision you make too. It’s not a miracle program, it takes dedication and hard work. But if you do your part it is guaranteed that you will pass, because Abba will be doing theirs.

Now here I am, writing on your wall. I probably was one of your biggest critics, before I came there. Reading those reviews, I honestly did not believe. Now all I can say is thank you, to all of you who had put your own practices on hold to practiced with me before the day of my exam. I don’t know anywhere else where people do that. Everytime someone had an exam the entire school community shared that experience. That was nice. Thank you.
–Shauna Scott, Miami, Florida  Dec. 2012

“This is a training program where the teacher open your head, put the information in and seal it.”
-Jesemie Abraham, Miramar, Fl

“This is my 3rd time taking this course. I never took the State test because I never felt I was ready. To keep it simple: I feel like this was my 1st time in the Nursing Assistant program, like I didn’t know anything at all.  I passed my test.”
-Marie Mona Mentor, Miami, Fl  

” Glory to God! I passed my test. It was easy for me because you taught me so well. You should see the other students struggling only to fail. I am glad I came to your place. God loves me a lot and I feel the blessing even more after seeing the others at the test center. I can’t wait for graduation day this year so we all could share our experiences all under one roof. It will be a bigger blast. Thank you again. Stay bless!”
-Sherly Louis, Miami, Fl 

“I have been in U.S.A for only one year. I am still in E.S.O.L class. I trained with Abba Health Training. I passed my test the 1st time. I will miss you, it was so much fun being in your class.  I felt like a little kid who could not wait for the morning to come to go to school to meet with friends and a great teacher.”
-Magalie Poulard, Hollywood Fl

“All I can say is: If I can do it, anybody can. People at Abba Health Care know what they are doing. Need I say more? I was a bit nervous at the beginning because of the nurse character. Soon I remembered how you always tell us to call on the Holy Spirit in times of needs, I did that and pretty soon I was calm.”
-Lina Louissaint, Hollywood Fl

“Not only did I pass both parts of the test the first time, the nurse wanted to know where I went for my training. She said ‘I don’t see too many students perform the way you do’.”
-Stephanie Etienne, Miami Gardens, Fl

“Glory to God. Thank you for being such a great teacher. The nurse was so amazed at my performance. She said usually students don’t do the skills so well. My partner performed first and after seeing her work, I said to myself ‘piece of cake’. She messed up real bad. I made a few mistakes but I remembered what you said about correcting ourselves and I did just that.”
-Marie Domond, Miramar, Fl

“It felt like I was the only one in the room who knew what I was doing. I was so competent in doing the skills and I stood tall. My student partner looked like a fool. She did everything wrong and I felt so sorry for her. I gave her your card in case she wants to repeat the test. Now I am going to call the guy who referred me to you to thank him.      “
-Nelzie Fleurinord, Miami, Fl

“I passed my test. I had finished with the written part in 20 minutes. I took time to review the whole test and plus I didn’t want to panick the others. As far as the skills, it was ‘to the point’ just like you showed the class in every detail. Thank you so much!”
-Johnny Desir, Hollywood, Fl

“I passed the test, both parts. I know now that the Spirit of God is in your place. Even though I didn’t come for the review before the test, I still did way better than all the other students who went for the test that day.”
-Magalie Jacques, Miami, Fl

“I did very well on my exam, I passed. I am proud to tell everyone that Abba Health Training is the place if they want to get their c.n.a license. The girl I partnered with paid $1,200.00 and a spent 3 months in the program. I wish you could see her performed. Well she did not pass and she told me worse part is she has to pay another fee if she wants to review before taking the test a 2nd time.”
-Ronalda Auguste, Tamarac, Fl

“I am not surprised that I passed my test. After seeing the other students in action, I realized how blessed I was to have found you. I don’t know where they went for their training but I sure learned the right way with you. Only two of us passed. I thought to myself ‘if only they came to you, all of them would have passed’. Thank you for caring.”
-Marie Etienne, Miami Gardens, Fl

“I passed, I did it, thank you Mrs. Yvrose. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the results. But no, it is for real.  I am so happy. I am bringing the letter to my employer to get the promotion I was promised when I get my license. Tell the class the good news for me please. Thank you and I will tell others about your place.”
Marie Josee Darcelin, Fort Laud., Fl

“Thank you Mrs. Yvrose, I passed. I know you have not seen me in class lately. I was busy with some personal issues but I reviewed and practiced on my own at home. You taught me well. At the testing center I was so proud to be the one student who made a difference.  I am not kidding you when I say the majority of those people do not know a thing. It feels like they just get up one day and decide to take the c.n.a test with no preparation whatsoever. Thank you for all your help and may God keep you!”
-Guilene Lector, Hollywood, Fl

“I passed my test, all went well. I finished the written part in about 25 minutes. For the skills part to start, everybody had to be done. Let me just say that you and your place are blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit for real. I thank Almighty for finding you. You are the very best and I can say that freely after seeing the performance of the other students. I wanted to laugh so bad. Thank you.”  
-Myndie Salvant, Miramar, Fl    

 “I passed the test, Mrs. Yvrose. Thank you for being so patient with me. I am happy I pass but I really will miss you and the rest of the group. Your place gives me a reason to get up in the morning knowing I am going there. We had so much fun during the process, it helped me to put the earthquake memories to rest. You brought joy in my life again, thank you.  I will miss you.”
 -Camie A. Bazile, Pembroke Pines, Fl  

I passed. Now I am going to work to make the money to pay for my car. Thank your endless effort. Thank you for all your help. You should see my partner doing the bed pan. I felt so sorry for her. The nurse had to stop her, it was a waste of time. I think you should know what is going on out there. You are modest, I know, but keep it going because you are doing an amazing job.”  
-Sanette Trazilien, Lauderhill, Fl

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